The two composers at the core of Sound / Source, a 10-hour immersion in the electro-acoustic zone, couldn’t be less alike methodologically but are very much humanist brothers under the skin. Alvin Lucier’s 1969 minimalist classic, I Am Sitting in a Room, kicks things off with a slow-motion exploration of the P.S.1 geodesic dome’s resonant properties. Then the 30th birthday of Paul Lansky’s “Idle Chatter” series of granular vocal manipulations will be celebrated with a new live arrangement by Roomful of Teeth, a new eight-channel surround-sound version performed by the composer himself, and yet another new interpretation by Holly Herndon. Also: a Tyondai Braxton solo set, Vicky Chow’s rendition of Tristan Perich’s lovely Surface Image, site-specific installations by Daniel Lopatin, and Lucky Dragons’ version of elevator music — performed on a real elevator.

Sun., Oct. 19, noon, 2014