Picnic Spot


It may be an old standby, but with breathtaking views of the city skyline all around, and a 15-acre expanse of grass studded with sunbathers, it’s hard to find a better picnic spot than Sheep Meadow in Central Park. Taking its name from the actual sheep that once grazed there, the area is open from May until mid October, which means you’d better hurry up if you want to enjoy it this year. And if you do, make sure to appreciate how it got there; when Central Park was constructed, Sheep Meadow was the most expensive element in the park, and its development meant a massive undertaking removing rock outcroppings and trucking in fill to make the place suitably level. (It also meant the expulsion of groups of poorer residents who called the area home at the time.) So kick back, relax, and admire what’s possibly the best view in the best city park in the best city in the world. Cuz it’s the best.