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Best Place to Meet Men


Brooklyn’s newest record store and venue strikes us as an awfully good place to meet babes of all genders. It couldn’t be easier: Strike up a conversation while flipping through the stacks, or between bands, or maybe while you’re hanging out in the slightly odd Guardian Green Room. But Rough Trade is an especially good place to meet men, especially the kind of men who have strong, passionate opinions about 180-gram vinyl and nearly lost their minds when they heard Television would play Rough Trade’s opening weekend back in November ’13. If things go well, you can always buy each other drinks at the bar tucked inside the venue; if things go poorly, well, ditto, only minus the man and plus about five drinks. There’s even a sweet little lounge with a ping-pong table and a few other games, so you can quickly ascertain whether your new love interest is a sore loser.