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Best Place to Buy Vinyl


Two or three times a year, the Brooklyn Flea Record Fair brings together the city’s best NYC labels and vendors of recorded music. The event takes place at Smorgasburg, the weekly food fair in Williamsburg, and is put on by Brooklyn Flea, a small-scale chain of weekend-only flea markets in Brooklyn that showcase the best the city has to offer in locally made or vintage goods. Buying and collecting vinyl, though previously declared dead with the rise of cheaper and more portable devices, has continued to be a popular way to appreciate music. The act of listening to a record is an event in the same way purchasing one is, and the Brooklyn Flea Record Fair takes full advantage of that. You can spend an afternoon rummaging through crates where special discounts are available on new and old releases. Been looking for a pristine yet affordable used copy of your favorite album? This record fair may just be your final stop on that scavenger hunt.