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Best Place for a Kid’s Birthday Party


You don’t need to go to Chuck E. Cheese’s for your kid’s birthday. Nor do you need to rent a bouncy castle and a petting-zoo pony and a bunch of furniture and throw a Kardashian-level do that’ll be the talk of the kindergarten clique. Here’s what you can, and should, do instead: Take your offspring and all her or his little buddies to Brooklyn Bridge Park — specifically, to the playground where there’s a big play structure shaped like a pirate ship, a sandbox, lots of swings, and plenty of room to run around. Have some (lots of) pizza. Eat a sheet cake from Fairway or something with Funfetti in it that you made at home from a box. If the kids get really restless, take them on the park’s gorgeous carousel. That’s it. Save your angst for getting them into the right grade school.