Battle Trance


From punk-jazz scientists Little Women, his solo record Heart Protector to Ancestral Instrument Trio with bassist Trevor Dunn and drummer Ches Smith, saxophone purveyor Travis Laplante has transcended and melted minds through his cosmic craft. For his latest shape-shifting venture into the unknown, Laplante formed Battle Trance, a monumentally unique all-tenor sax quartet whose just-released Palace of Wind shares the like-minded vision of the spiritual regions he’s explored with Little Women. Its three meditative epics dizzy the senses with a therapeutic, classical-imbued drone- jazz, fusing circular breathing and relentlessly intertwining skronk, making for an intensely Zen experience that is both chaotic and cathartic. Prepare to be transported to the otherworld.

Wed., Sept. 24, 8 p.m., 2014