Devendra Banhart


Devendra Banhart has made himself into a phenomenon, if not an out-and-out movement. This is in part aesthetics: oddball lyrical imagery with a barefoot, big-haired, and psychedelic look do about equal work towards crafting his role in re-imagining modern-day folk. His music is gentle and weird and overarchingly American, despite the fact — and perhaps even because of the fact — that it dips into other cultures, languages and eras with so much capricious delight. Banhart gave his first performances as a busker in San Francisco and a show opener in Paris before beginning to release albums in 2002. Credited as the force behind “freak folk,” Banhart experiments and improvises in his performances, always with an eye towards humor and fun.

Fri., Sept. 19, 8 p.m., 2014