NYFW is Over! Here are 20 Things We Actually Would Wear


Me, now that fashion week is over.

After 10 fun-filled days of New York Fashion Week chaos (it’s never just a week), the fog has finally lifted, sort of. Aside from actual proof that we were there — mounds of fashion-week swag and countless Instagram images — it still feels as if it never happened. Like it was one big dream in which we’d leave work in the middle of the day, take the subway uptown, and enter a world of pure fantasy. But then I look, with pride, at my calloused feet, and remember, yes, it did in fact happen.

So before we truly get back to our boring lives, we’d like to snuggle with our fashion-week memories and recap the very best Spring/Summer 2015 pieces that we liked this season.

Timo Weiland

One of my favorite shows each season is Timo Weiland’s menswear collection, and once again the collective (made up of designers Weiland, Alan Eckstein, and Donna Kang) delivered with this preppy/cabana punk-boy line. Would I actually wear these drawstring pants, with a tucked-in white button-down shirt, and Dr. Martens sandals made for a man? Hell, yes! -AC


These white linen get-ups by LITKE, with the addition of a bra and higher shoes to mature the look and downplay the whole sexy-adolescent-Quaker image.

Likewise these black above-the-ankle slacks with miniature hand-stitched X detailing, also by LITKE. They would streamline well with a solid black or white top and Birkenstocks or ankle boots. -Heather Baysa

Jay Godfrey

Jay Godfrey’s country-goddess collection was kind of refreshing, as it was one of the most attainable collections I saw. In other words, you can actually wear this and not look weird. Long skirts, fringe coats, ponchos? Yes, please! -AC

Daniel Silverstain

I loved this shirt and pants by Daniel Silverstain, though I wouldn’t wear them together, and would wear the pants in black rather than red. The futuristic take on the peplum is interesting, especially in how the texture of the stiff, astronaut-y neoprene contrasts with the girly silk pleats. -Nikkitha Bakshani

Charlotte Ronson

Although I’m not a huge fan of pastels, as seen heavily in the Charlotte Ronson collection, there were a couple of items that I wouldn’t deem extremely girly. I really liked the big polka-dot pattern, and a navy blue see-through top. -AC

Thaddeus O’Neil

This knee-length relaxed military jacket by Thaddeus O’Neil. So what that we’re women and this is a men’s line? Nothing is more feminine than over-sized surplus this fall. -HB

Mara Hoffman

Mara Hoffman’s S/S 2015 collection was a much-needed vacation to a tropical island in which Pharrell-type hats are the norm. Though, more thrilling were the patterns used, from blue swirls and suns to star-shaped plants. Because even if you can’t escape to a remote paradise, you can simply wear these long flowy dresses and pretend you did.

Mark & Estel

This whole casual rocker look by Mark & Estel. The brown bootleg jeans and faded black tank would flatter even a body that wasn’t as absurdly linear as this model’s, especially with that medium-brimmed hat. In fact, we have that hat. Also, this billowy Seinfeld frock. Hear us out: It would be great office-wear underneath a structured blazer or tucked into an A-line skirt. The mini and stiletto pairing is a bit too Renaissance-era strip joint for our liking. -HB

Luis Antonio

Puerto Rican designer Luis Antonio made an outstanding debut at the tents, so much so that he was the only one to receive a standing ovation, at least at the shows I attended. His entire collection was high-glam, and definitely what I would wear if I were a high-power woman who could easily jet-set it to Paris for dinner and a show. You see, that’s what fashion week is all about…fantasizing.

And watch the video below to see what the style looked like outside: