The Westboro Baptist Church Is Coming Back to New York to Picket the Media, the 9/11 Museum and “FaceBook”


The Westboro Baptist Church will return to New York City in September as part of an ongoing bid to troll the universe and fill their days with some semblance of meaning. According to their picket schedule, the protest- and lawsuit-happy church/hate group is in Missouri this week to picket the funeral of Mike Brown, the Ferguson teenager recently slain by police officer Darren Wilson. But after that, to coincide with the 13th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks, they’ll be heading this way. They’ve got quite the itinerary planned.

On September 9 and 10, the WBC says they’ll picket four media companies: the New York Times, Viacom, Reuters and the Huffington Post. They only offer a rationale for HuffPo, writing, “shame on Arianna Huffington and her perverse publishing machine. Arianna, there are not enough breathing techniques to help you when you face that God that you have rebelled against and taught rebellion against!”

(The WBC has an impressive recall for Arianna Huffington-related trivia; a brief Google dive shows that the “deep breathing” dig is from a 2013 article about the amenities at the HuffPo HQ.)

The WBC’s merry band of un-merry people will also stop by Facebook’s New York offices, which they refer to as “FaceBook.” They have apparently tried unsucessfully to picket the company before, writing, “This time, WBC, The Lord willing, will appear at the corporate offices of that institution established by God Almighty. FaceBook is famous for sending nasty-grams to anyone that dares to publish the Word of God, if it gets cross-wise with our rebellious Jewish friend, Mark Zuckerberg.”

But the WBC’s real purpose is, of course, to protest the new September 11 Memorial & Museum, which they refer to as the “Kleenex Museum.” The WBC believes, roughly, that the September 11 attacks were a message to the United States to stop with the abortions and the gay marriage. They write:

Thirteen years have passed and this nation has refused to repent, and instead have waxed worse and worse, and today, you marry fags in this nation and pimp fag marriage all over the world! You also continue to murder 4 THOUSAND babies every day in this nation! You do all that with full knowledge of what God has to say about that. Meanwhile, you build that memorial to your rebellion and your in-your-face battle with God Almighty.

This is the WBC’s second visit in less than a year. They were in New York last in December, when they picketed both Duck Dynasty and T.V. network A&E for briefly cancelling Duck Dynasty. Then they swung by St. Patrick’s Cathedral to shout about it being a “roman catholic whorehouse.” Before that, they hadn’t come this way since 2011. It’s almost as though they’re starting to like it here?