Myriad iterations of avant-jazz and metal-mongering sickness is represented this evening in a monster bill guaranteeing the motherlode of head-exploding notes. Brooklyn represents in the form of Period—drums sage Mike Pride and Charlie Looker’s (of experi-metallers, Psalm Zero) deconstructionist death-jazz unit—whose cataclysmic “2” added sound splatterer/screamer Chuck Bettis and sax skronkers, Darius Jones and Sam Hilmer into the deafening fray. Locals Zevious will dizzy the senses with its cutthroat precise cuts off its latest jazz/metal riffer beast Passing Through The Walls, Epistasis will terrorize with its brand of monumental black metal noise while Portland-based U Sco unleashes jazz-damaged math-rock from its upcoming Treffpunkt, recalling Don Caballero on speed. Topping off the festivities is the ex-Silkworm meets Sunn0)))) union of DAMA/LIBRA, whose just-dropped Claw is cross-burning, minimalist doom metal confessions of the highest order. Got all that? Now go.

Thu., Aug. 21, 8 p.m., 2014