Frontier Ruckus


Frontier Ruckus performs with a fresh-faced, thrilled-to-be-there glow, though they’re hardly a rookie act: the Detroit folk group has released three studio albums since 2008, and is preparing to launch a fourth, appropriately titled 4th LP, in November. Effervescent and sweetly sincere, frontman Michael Milia and vocalist Anna Burch harmonize their way through each song, strumming commensurately heartfelt melodies that benefit from a bevy of acoustic instruments. Guitars, banjos and dobros are just the beginning for Frontier Ruckus–multi-instrumentalist Zach Nichols keeps ‘em coming with horns, melodica and the saw. The band’s most striking feature, maybe, is its intimate performing style.

Wed., Aug. 20, 8 p.m., 2014