There’s no reason to let indolence, ineptitude, or intoxication get in the way of whipping up something delicious, if Hannah Hart’s career trajectory is any indication. The witty home cook got her start by filming a drunken guide to grilled cheese-making for a friend. YouTube viewers loved her laissez-faire approach to the culinary arts, and soon she had a hit series on her hands. My Drunk Kitchen, the show’s new cookbook companion, combines Hart’s concoctions with stories, advice, and photos to serve as an encouraging, albeit tipsy guide for kitchen novices. Recipes range from totally legit turkey burgers to microwave lasagna doctored up with potato chips (“layzagna”). Tonight, Hart celebrates the book’s launch in Soho, so drop by to learn about how she devised her list of the best five meals to eat while standing over the sink.

Wed., Aug. 13, 7 p.m., 2014