Mykki Blanco


Somewhere in between a hedonistic party club pretense and a slightly nefarious “I might sneak in your room and kill you” vibe floats Mykki Blanco, the genre and gender-overthrowing rapper whose fans love her persona duplexity as much as her readiness for upending expectations. Flashing some black lipstick, a crop top and a little side boob, Blanco sassily swirls chilly production and viscous sounds into ingenious primitive hip-hop beats, ultimately mixing up fruity, club-ready cocktails that cleverly disguise Blanco’s strong messages. “Booty Bamboo,” “Wavvy,” and the Autre Ne Veut duet “Counting” are like a Nicki Minaj à Trois mimosa of Blood Orange and Ol’ Dirty Bastard garnished with a Lil’ Kim—a perfect recipe for risqué dancing at a Summerstage concert. Punk fans are in luck too, because according to Blanco’s Twitter account, she has a new project, direction and sound she’s been testing out on this tour— aka “punk shit”—so join the Mykki Blanco militia and rise above the restrictions of labels and ordinary morality! Or just go to get wavvy.

Thu., Aug. 7, 7 p.m., 2014