Within its walls, the Morbid Anatomy Museum offers classes and lectures on ghost taxonomy, squirrel taxidermy, and bejeweled skeletons; workshops with titles like “Anthropomorphic Insect Shadowbox” and “Dissection and Drawing with Real Anatomical Specimens.” If drawing the phalanges of a dead opposum in great artistic detail is too intense for you, don’t fret. Tonight the Museum leaves its Gowanus haunt for a midsummer evening of literary éclat under the Brooklyn Bridge, where Michelle Legro (writer and Lapham’s Quarterly editor) and Evan Michelson (star of The Science Channel’s Oddities) read excerpts from The Morbid Anatomy Anthology with editor Colin Dickey. The reading, presented with Community Bookstore as part of the Books Beneath the Bridge series, takes place by the water, at Pier 1’s Granite Prospect. The anthology was funded by Kickstarter and, like the museum it inspired, engages the polarities of high and low culture to examine art, medicine, death, and culture through a multidisciplinary lens.

Mon., July 28, 7 p.m., 2014