The darker subtleties of the most recent album by Beach Fossils – 2013’s Clash The Truth — showed a more tense and post-punk-inspired side to the Brooklyn band’s breezy dream pop, revealing singer/guitarist Dustin Payseur’s roots in punk and hardcore bands. It’s hard to say for sure whether those creative impulses surface in Payseur’s new band Laced (who played their first show in March and have no recordings just yet), but the line-up of Ian Judd (of Couple Skate Records) on bass and vocals, and Ryan Naideau (of Nude Beach) on drums seems very promising regardless. Find out for yourself on Monday, when the trio plays Glasslands with Friend, EZTV, Greenfield, DJs Katie Garcia & Pam Garavano of Captured Tracks, and a comedy set by Matt Kallman of Real Estate.

Mon., July 7, 8:30 p.m., 2014