Whether rolling on ’em or washing in their waters, rivers are the veins and arteries of American labor and romance. This afternoon, Jeff Newell and his New-Trad Quartet celebrate current affairs with River Songs of America, about river-related economics, brute force, and cleansing powers. Steeped in jazz and folk idioms, the saxophonist-bandleader and his trombone, tuba, and drumming accompanists perform tunes like “Deep River,” “The E-RI-E Was A-Rising,” and “The Banks of the Ohio” in styles ranging from the New Orleans jazz tradition for which the quartet is named to Sousa marches and African high life. Moreover, they serenade you while you float on a reconditioned century-old railway barge, the Lehigh Valley, in the capable hands of Waterfront Museum founder Captain David Sharps.

Sat., June 28, 2 p.m., 2014