Bar hopper? Bookstore hopper? Today is the perfect time to bounce between both. The Downtown Literary Festival is back for a second year celebrating the longtime writerly culture and bookish sensibilities of Lower Manhattan. Housing Works Bookstore and McNally Jackson host a series of nontraditional reading events like literary cabaret and “The Greatest 3-minute Bad Apartment Stories,” along with archival explorations of New York lit journals BOMB, Guernica, The Paris Review, and more. This year, genre boundaries are pushed further with presentations on the comic book, the importance of music venues to New York scribes, and television’s increasing influence on the whole scene (with Slaughterhouse 90210’s expert mash-up artist Maris Kreizman). Check out author and booze aficionado Rosie Schaap’s custom book-and-cocktail pairings before heading to the afterparty at Von Bar.

Sun., April 13, 10 a.m., 2014

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