Duran Duran or N’Sync? Family Ties or Full House? Kissing Potion or Lip Smackers? The exact distinction between Generation X and Generation Y may be blurry, but Eve and Leonora Epstein try to hash it out in X vs. Y: A Culture War, a Love Story (Abrams Image). Sisters separated by 14 years and a whole lot of pop icons, they each make a case for their respective side of the generational gap in this illustrated and super nostalgic collection of essays. More often than not, they arrive at a crossroads, and we don’t mean the movie starring Britney Spears. Everyone claims Judy Blume as their own, and there’s a gray area between 1979 and 1984 that really just depends on whether the person watched My So-Called Life. The authors will read, discuss, and debate some more at tonight’s book-launch party. Throw on your favorite flannel shirt (or glittery baby-doll tee) and Doc Martens (or chunky foam sandals) and come revisit your teen years, whenever they were.

Thu., March 20, 7 p.m., 2014