Elliott Sharp’s big new SysOrk exemplify the serendipitous rigor nurtured by a 
composer-performer who’s been testing the limits of technology and improvisation for more than four decades. Titled after Sir Francis Bacon’s 16th-century “miscellany of topics” ranging from hydroponics to the New Atlantis, the world premiere of Sylva Sylvarum blends Sharp’s enthusiasm for 
algorithmic composition and physics-inspired “conduction” with his more recent interest in projected graphic scoring: 
Imagine Terry Riley, John Cage, and Butch 
Morris uploaded and jamming in a simulacrum of the original Knitting Factory. 
SysOrk also perform the 2011 work Flexagons by Sharp, who won the 2015 Berlin Prize in music composition and who joins the 13-piece ensemble on guitar and bass 

Thu., March 13, 8 p.m., 2014