D. Charles Speer


Dave Charles Shuford, a/k/a twang slinger D. Charles Speer, Rhyton’s psych-jamming pilot is a Brooklyn mainstay, mastering myriad alien genres from country to psychedelia to experimental, noisified freak-outs. But in Shuford’s stylistically vast oeuvre, it’s under his D. Charles Speer moniker that he spins rustic magic. On the just-released and superb Doubled Exposure, Speer furiously brings alt-country back from the proverbial dead, offering the most catchy of hard-edged backwoods porch hooks and twang and saloon-ready piano tickles and stabs, sublimely capped by his breezy rumblings. It’s the perfect barroom soundtrack for swigging moonshine.

Thu., March 6, 8 p.m., 2014