Paul Van Dyk


Recently named the #1 DJ of all time by DJ Mag, German producer/DJ Paul Van Dyk has kept his hands on the 1s and 2s since 1988, spinning everything from early Berlin techno and house to progressive trance. No one calls it trance anymore, though: We’re in the Age of EDM, which means Van Dyk is in his halcyon days and will be dishing out politically charged remixes, video game soundtrack selections, and perhaps that single he did with the dude from Owl City. To top it all off, one lucky NYC ticket holder will be selected to “intern” for a day with Van Dyk and help him prepare for the show. With only 36 views on this contest advertisement video, local lovers of Van Dyk raves would be foolish to not throw their hats in the ring!

Sat., Feb. 15, 9 p.m., 2014