New Yorkers Are Pretty Expletive Tired of All This Expletive Snow


It’s snowing. Again. It’s real cold. Again. It’s 30 degrees but feels colder, and the weather forecast says much of the city is currently experiencing something called “snow fog,” which sounds absolutely disgusting. The National Weather Service is warning that we should expect six to eight inches, “treacherous” driving conditions, and terrible visibility. It’s also heavy, wet snow that’s hard to clear, or what they cheerily call “heart attack snow.” According to the Federal Aviation Administration, flights arriving at LaGuardia are delayed by an average of 4 hours and 13 minutes. According to the Department of Education, the schools are open but field trips are cancelled, the cruelest combination known to man.

At this point, we’ve moved through all the stages of winter: initial wonderment and excitement, hot chocolate-making, mild complaining, major cabin fever, a brief feeling of relief at yesterday’s miraculous 50-degree respite, and back to complaining. And today, finally, we’ve reached cursing. Lots and lots of cursing.

A New Yorker can only take so much before he or she declares, finally, “Fuck this fucking snow.” And that’s exactly what’s going on this morning, from all corners of the city, ranging from mild:

To, um, more how we’re feeling:

Even Al Roker is as angry as Al Roker ever gets:

Roker says he’s furious at the school system and the mayor’s office for creating a situation where school staff has to travel in this weather:

It might be wise for the city government to listen when Al Roker gets angry; his tirade against Atlanta for their handling of the storm there last week has already gotten a half-million views on YouTube.

In conclusion, let’s all say this together:

We hope this has been as cathartic for you as it has been for us.