Using handcrafted 16mm film made in collaboration with Shona Masarin, live performance by a multi-generational cast including tap sensation Michelle Dorrance and veteran choreographer Elizabeth Keen, and gradations in between that connect Dada, surrealism, and vaudeville, Cori Olinghouse’s Ghost lines draws on her years of release-based experience as a dancer with Trisha Brown, her practice with clown Bill Irwin, her skill as an archivist, and her obsession with movement forms that explore shape-shifting. Mina Nishimura, Eva Schmidt, and Olinghouse herself complete the cast, retrieving our “lost movement history” through “gesture line drawing,” oscillating between chaos and order. She plans to confuse, seduce, and assault your senses.

Thu., Dec. 12, 8 p.m., 2013

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