The Band Perry


If 2013 goes down as the year of Rick Rubin’s resurgence, with pundits and list-compilers pointing to his work on Kanye’s Yeezus and Eminem’s “Bezerk,” the Band Perry’s Pioneer will be the one that got away, a record that the Def Jam founder was initially going to produce but which ended up in the hands of Nashville go-to guy Dann Huff. The Band Perry, an all-sibling trio led by older sister Kimberly, did just fine regardless, coming out with an excellent sophomore album that lives up to the promise of—and maybe even equals—their self-titled debut, mixing hair-metal riffs (and hair-metal hair) with pop hooks and lyrics that could be late additions to the Southern Gothic canon. “Better Dig Two” was the lead single, but “Done” is the highlight, as good a kiss-off as you’ll find on
the radio.

Wed., Oct. 16, 8 p.m., 2013