The JFK AirTrain Will Have Very Unreliable Service for Six Weeks

For those of you in the international jet set, this is surely raw news: The JFK AirTrain is going to have intermittent service for the next six weeks. The Port Authority is shutting down the tracks at various times over the fall to make necessary repairs to the tracks.

There’s no real rhyme or reason to when the AirTrain will run, but Port Authority will offer bus service to make up for a regularly running train.

During partial closures the AirTrain will still run from Jamaica or Howard Beach to Federal Circle, but you’ll have to catch a bus to travel the rest of the way to your terminal.

Full closures will be more tedious: Shuttles and buses will connect Jamaica and Howard Beach to Federal Circle, at which point you transfer to the shuttle that takes you directly to your terms.

All of this is to say, anyone fleeing Espionage charges or just hopping a plane to your mom’s place in Galveston, plan for your trip to the airport to take a little extra time.

Go to the Port Authority website for the exact schedule on when the closures are happening.


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