Vocalist Nai Palm, who wields an Ibanez Artstar guitar and often appears garlanded with most of a midtown notions store’s contents, fronts Melbourne quartet Hiatus Kaiyote. Despite the vintage punk-rock moniker, her voice is all cool, honeyed soul, and there’s a whole lot of everything going on around her. Kaiyote’s economical debut, Tawk Tomahawk, opens with “Mobius Streak,” a six-minute sonic travelogue embracing interlocked West African rhythms, heady Los Angeles glitch-psych, interstellar space rock, and bubbly Jaco-jazz. Half the album’s tracks, however, clock in at less than two minutes; these brief gems evoke still other Eno-esque green worlds, colonized by “future soul” chanteuses like Cocorosie and Erykah Badu. Equally ambitious and accessible, Hiatus Kaiyote deserve the accolades they’ve been receiving from nearly everywhere, and if you miss tonight’s show, you’re going to wish you’d seen them here.

Mon., Aug. 12, 8 p.m., 2013