Bike Share Fever: Citi Bike Rides Pass the Quarter-Million Mark


700,000 miles. That’s the lengthy equivalent of about 280,000 Central Parks. Or a little more than 50,000 Manhattans from the bottom up. It’s also the amount of miles CitiBike users–who have now clocked in over 250,000 rides–have covered in three weeks’ time.

The most expansive bike share in the country now has 40,000 annual members, in addition to 32,000 riders who have signed up for either $4 single-day passes or a weekly since June 2 — the day the program opened to the public.

All in all, that’s a solid force of nearly 75,000 New Yorkers taking the metallic blue cruisers out for a spin. And, seeing as a majority of members are in for the year-long haul, Citi Bike is certainly not a tourist attraction.

The recent Department of Transportation numbers released yesterday show a program that seems to be growing in immense popularity by the day. Despite conservative backlash and community concern, that popularity confirms that Citi Bike has a totally invested target market. Luckily, the widening base of support will be supplemented with a second round of station openings in South Brooklyn and Queens as the program moves further into the no-longer-taxi-less outer boroughs.

So put your criticisms of traffic troubles and totalitarian tendencies aside for a second (especially after realizing that you’re fuming over an inanimate object). Because New Yorkers love Citi Bikes. Plain and simple.