Pot-atopia, No! Pota-topia, Nearly Upon Us in Greenwich Village


Spuds on Sixth Avenue

Just as adjacent West 8th Street is filling up with restaurants instead of shoe stores, many of them quite pricey, Sixth Avenue in Greenwich Village latitudes is becoming a cheap, franchise-eats haven. Ninety-nine Cent Pizza led the way, and soon there was a Chipotle just across the street, joining stalwart Gray’s Papaya in the immediate vicinity. Now, a baked potato outfit called Potatopia has muscled its way onto the strip.

Baked potatoes overwhelmed by their toppings

Based in Edison, New Jersey at the Menlo Park Mall, Potatopia is a budding chain offering the tubers (and sweet potatoes, too) in a dizzying variety of formats: baked potatoes, curly fries, potato skins, smashed, crinkle-cut french fries, baked au gratin, and chips. After choosing one type, you’re allowed to pick a topping (mainly diced veggies and cheeses), a protein (shrimip, chicken, steak, bacon, or sausage), and a sauce, from a list of 14 rather predictable ones, including “truffle.”

See menu here.

To prevent you from interpreting the name as Pot Utopia, the establishment coyly inserts a dot between the first “A” and the second “T” in its name. The new location is slated to open early in June. A sign in the window promises a contest on the first day, with questions about potatoes answered correctly earning you a free meal. Get studying!

Sweet potato crinkle fries with cilantro, red pepper aioli sauce, sour cream and cheddar cheese

378 Sixth Avenue
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