Preston Clark Wants You to Order Beef Heart Schnitzel


Preston Clark is serious about steak. As the chef at Resto and the man behind the butcher’s counter at the Cannibal, Clark can take apart a whole sub-primal no problem. But when the Jean Georges vet isn’t carving a côte de boeuf, Clark is known to blast Biggie in the kitchen, and would really love for you to order the beef heart schnitzel.

Where do you eat after work?
New York Noodle Town, Wo Hop, Minetta Tavern, and The Dutch. I really want to go to Montmartre soon. It’s at the top of my list right now.

What soundtrack plays in your kitchen?
It’s all over the place – from the Wood Brothers to Biggie.

What’s your favorite dish from childhood?
The dish my dad used to make me for my birthday — horseradish-crusted halibut with mashed potatoes. That was my favorite.

What are the three best things to do with ramps?
I love them in pasta, I really like to grill them on the plancha with olive oil and salt, and, of couse pickled. I’ve also been using the leaves in salsa verde, and that’s fun.

What dish do you wish guests would order more often?
Beef heart schnitzel. It’s one of my favorites but it just doesn’t move sadly. The minute I changed it to veal it sold out three days in a row.

What’s the best place in the city to get pizza?
I was on Heritage Radio recently and had pizza afterwards at Roberta’s and it was really good.

What about a burger?
While I don’t want to be that guy that’s pumping his own place, I really do love the Resto burger and frites. I’m also a big fan of The Breslin’s lamb burger and chips.

What are your pet peeves when folks order?
I got over getting worked up about requests and crazy orders a while back. I try my best to give folks what they want within reason. I’m not saying come in and make up your own dishes, but I certainly try to be as flexible as I can while still maintaining the integrity of a dish. I’ll take things a way but I’m not to keen on replacing ingredients with random items.

What’s your favorite junk food?

What’s your drink?
I’m always a sucker for an ice-cold Tecate with lime.

What food do you secretly hate?