Anthony Weiner Gives Television Interview to Foster Mayoral Campaign


Looks like the prospects of Weiner on the campaign trail are getting a bit more serious.

In an interview with NY1 last night, the former congressman sat down with Inside City Hall host Errol Louis to discuss the news he spurred last week with his New York Times Magazine profile, in which he mentioned that he’s considering a run for City Hall.

Louis asked several questions about the scandal that happened almost two years ago. And, right off the bat, Weiner made it clear that he wanted to put the situation behind him so he could take this race seriously. “I think I’ll be spending a lot of time, here on out, saying I’m sorry,” he said.

Stating that he wanted to be “part of the ideas primary,” Weiner called the mayoral race “a little bit disheartening” so far, and then dove a bit into his policy views. He demanded more transparency if stop-and-frisk was to continue–a stance that sets him apart from his Democratic rivals. Also, he said he would oppose an inspector general for the NYPD, a proposal at the center of the Community Safe Act that has become a talking point of the race. This can all be found in a policy booklet he released earlier in the day.

You can watch the entire interview on NY1’s website. We’ll be busy getting our lives ready for the impending pun explosion should Weiner step into the mayoral foray.

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