The Sweet Life of a Professional Cannabis Baker; Audrey Hepburn Sells Galaxy Chocolate


BuzzFeed’s Emily Fleischaker talks to a 45-year-old cannabis baker in L.A. who left her job at a nonprofit to bake edibles professionally. The story, told in the anonymous baker’s words, is also full of beautiful photography — rows of cute THC-rich ginger cookies cooling on a wire rack, and wee bud-buttery carrot cakes glazed with cream-cheese frosting. The ex-corporate baker says, “You’re not going to overdose with an edible — it’s not really possible.” [BuzzFeed]

A lot of special effects went into this Galaxy chocolate commercial featuring the likeness of Audrey Hepburn, produced with permission from Hepburn’s estate by Framestore. Unfortunately, the results aren’t as “astonishingly real” as the Verge reports. In fact, the technology reproduces a young Hepburn’s features in a way that’s both familiar and totally alien, like a plot line was lifted from Black Mirror. [YouTube via the Verge]

Jezebel, a Kosher restaurant in Soho where I found little to love last year beside a ramekin of duck rillettes, is changing its name to J-Soho. The head of the Orthodox Union’s kashrut division told Jewish Week that Jezebel, “a clearly wicked person,” is not someone the OU wants to promote. [Jewish Week via Grub Street]

Fast food chains aren’t the only multi-million-dollar companies with dissatisfied, underpaid workers. The Times reports on Weight Watchers, and other national dieting programs, which offer workers paltry pay while spending hugely on TV commercials and celebrity endorsements. (The base rate for running Weight Watchers meetings has apparently not increased in over 10 years.) [NYTimes]

If you’re looking to step up your egg-decorating game, check out the highly intricate technique required for “embroidered” eggs. It involves making a clean opening with a diamond-cutting disk, drilling teeny holes for your needle, and finally threading. Start practicing now, and you could have it down by Easter. [Design Sponge]