A Machine That Separates Oreos, Plus 20 Examples of Counterfeit Meat


Check out this video of the Oreo obsessive David Neevel, a man who loves the cookies but hates the cream filling — hates it so much that he built a complex contraption (over a period of “.04” years) to wipe the cream from each individual cookie. Naturally, the charming robot and its maker’s dry Ron Swanson-esque appeal are another clever bit of marketing from the Oreo brand, which even worked the Superbowl blackout into a successful ad. [YouTube]

The Times tells us about the tinkerers who’ve been hacking their own soda machines. Though SodaStream and other similar brands are marketed to make seltzer and flavored sodas at home, brainy users like Greg Brainin, director of culinary development for Jean-Georges Restaurants, and Piper Kristensen, a “lab assistant” at the forward-thinking cocktail bar Booker and Dax, are finding other uses for the carbonators. [NYT]

If old menu design really fogs your glasses, check out Cool Culinaria’s collection of vintage menus and cocktail art from the late 19th century to the 1970s. Yesterday, Smithsonian‘s food blog shared the stories behind 10 menus in CC’s collection. [Cool Culinaria]

Bob Butt says he invented the Long Island Iced Tea in the 1970s when he was working as a bartender in the Hampton Bays. The video is part of a new digital series for PBS by photographer David Friedman of Ironic Sans, focusing on inventors. [YouTube via Laughing Squid]

These 20 examples of international counterfeit-meat cases, like “chemically burned pork” passing as beef, make the horse-meat scandal comparatively dull. [Grub Street]