Best Speech of The Night


I’ll give that honor to Best Actress Jennifer Lawrence.

She was succinct, sweet, and sincere–everything a speech should be, including acknowledging the four losers, but not in a patronizing, humiliating way.

And she did this even after falling on her face on the way up to the podium, and making a light-hearted reference to that mishap.

Daniel Day-Lewis was also wonderful, especially with his opening joke about Meryl being the original choice for Lincoln and himself for Margaret Thatcher. Levity from the grand man Daniel Day-Lewis! Who knew?

Ben Affleck was good too–his voice was emotional and he was breathy and shaky and all that we want from an emotional underdog-turned-frontrunner winner like that.

(And thanking Jennifer Garner for working on their marriage was wonderfully honest.)

As for Anne Hathaway?

Not as bad as some people feared. Not terribly cloying or cutesy or self aware.

But she listed way too many names!

Name name name name name. And furthermore, name name name name name.

And it seemed like there was no prioritizing. The director’s name was simply included in a list of a whole bunch of other names!

Oy. In that case, just say “Thanks, all” and move on.

Still, congrats to Anne and everyone else. I found the evening extremely not horrible–and you can quote me.

And so can name name name name name.