Never Nominated For An Oscar…


There are actors (like Peter O’Toole and Glenn Close) who’ve gotten nominated a whole lot of times and never won. Yet.

But how about the ones who’ve never even been nominated? In the case of the dead ones, I’m pretty sure they never will be! Now that’s gotta hurt.

Here are some of the top omissions in Oscar’s history thus far, IMHO:

Marilyn Monroe

Shirley Temple (She got a special Juvenile Award, but that’s it)

Mia Farrow

Donald Sutherland

The Carradines, the Marx brothers, Joan and Constance Bennett

Vincent Price

Coral Browne

Oliver Reed

Malcolm McDowell

Kirsten Dunst

Tobey Maguire

Scarlett Johansson

Fred MacMurray

Edward G. Robinson

Alan Ladd

Joel McCrea

Donald O’Connor

Myrna Loy

Jerry Lewis

Isabelle Huppert

Maureen O’Hara

Antonio Banderas

Kim Novak

Richard Gere

Ewan McGregor

Pam Grier

Emma Stone

Jim Carrey

Roddy McDowall

Tallulah Bankhead

Rita Hayworth

Richard Pryor

Shelley Duvall

Jeff Goldblum

W.C. Fields

Mae West

Bela Lugosi

Boris Karloff

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Hugh Grant

Claire Danes

Steve Martin

Dennis Quaid

Butterfly McQueen

Buster Keaton (only got an Honorary Award in 1960)

Danny Kaye (only special honors)

Bert Lahr, Ray Bolger, Margaret Hamilton, Margaret O’Brien, Red Skelton

Al Jolson, Eddie Cantor, Ruby Keeler, Carmen Miranda, Van Johnson

Daniel Craig

Paul Rudd

Guy Pearce

Ray Liotta

Emily Blunt

Peter Lorre

Billy Crystal


Edith Massey

Anyone else? And don’t say Jackie Chan or Jim Varney.