The Difference Engine, William Gibson and Bruce Sterling’ 1990 novel, spawned steampunk, thereby outfitting your local baristas with twirly mustaches and pocket watches. Surprisingly, it’s a delightful read regardless, envisioning a fantastical Victorian-era England where computers are invented a century early. Daedelus has been campaigning for his own spin-off since the early ‘00s: Of Snowdonia, for instance, is a classic revisioning of the invention of hip-hop by Dickensian dandies. He’s since added UK bass & juke and to his bag of doo-dads, along with his tried-and-true ear tonics of twiddle-hop, snow punk, and old-fashioned IDM. Supporters Salva, Ryan Hemsworth & Samo Sound Boy are a dance music varsity squad—this one’s a value pack.

Sat., March 2, 11 p.m., 2013