The New York Times’s Gun Owner Database Access Gets Shut Down In Appellate Court


As we said the last time this happened, we’re still a bit afraid that this would become a “thing.”

Remember, at the end of December, when the Journal News published the names and addresses of gun owners outside the City? And then that angry blogger posted the Journal News‘ staff names and addresses online in response? And then Gawker editor-in-chief John Cook of Gawker followed suit with a list of all the gun owners in the City?

Well, looks like the New York Times crew tried to jump on board of this ultra-transparency bandwagon. Except they didn’t have as much luck.

Yesterday, a state appellate court struck down the media company’s attempt to access the names and addresses of New York City’s gun permit holders and hate crime victims. In 2010, before this gun control debate really took off, the Times tried to get a hold of the data through a Freedom of Information request to the NYPD. A year later, a state court upheld the request but that decision was reversed by the said appellate decision.

The SAFE Act passed by Governor Cuomo gives several exemptions to permit holders for withholding their information from public view. But, after this decision, looks like ‘the media’ will also fall into that category.

Maybe that’ll prevent this story from continuing. Fingers crossed.