Now You Can Smoke Pot in Restaurants, Part 2: The E-Joint


The e-joint is just like the e-cigarette, except it contains THC instead of nicotine. Sexy, right?

Last September, Fork in the Road reported that it was now possible to smoke marijuana in bars and restaurants — and not crouching furtively in the bathroom, either. A hand-held vaporizer along the lines of the Volcano had been developed, so small it could fit in the palm of your hand. Powered by souped-up double A batteries, the device delivered nearly pure THC — the active ingredient in ganga — odorlessly, allowing you to smoke without being detected in many places like nightclubs, bars, and restaurants. We even did a test of the “vape” in a popular cocktail lounge, without attracting attention.

Now a new device has been developed that permits even greater discretion.

A friend who goes to a dispensary in the South Bay brought me one of these black metallic cigarettes recently. One of the drawbacks of the vape described earlier is that you continually have to reload it, a delicate process difficult to accomplish in the dark. Furthermore, while “smoking” the vape doesn’t produce any recognizable smell, the stash you’re carrying to reload the thing certainly will. That’s why the new e-joint is such a boon.

The thing retails for $25, which delivers 50 measured “hits.” Inside, the THC is not in the form of leaf, hash, or liquid chemical, rather it’s been transformed into a wax. When the wax is gone, the cigarette is discarded. (As if you would throw something so beautiful away! You can at least still pretend to be smoking.) We’ve heard that there are already newer versions of this e-spliff that can be reloaded with more wax.

As with the vape, when you smoke the device, a thin vapor is produced, which you blow out your mouth. This is water vapor, a byproduct of the wax-THC sublimation, and almost unnoticeable. That really is the only sign you’re using the thing, except for a nifty LED glow that lights up the end of the cigarette when you inhale.

The hand-held vape no longer quite measures up.

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