After Leaving Hospital Last Week, Koch Is Back In Intensive Care [UPDATE]


This is the last bit of news we want to hear after last week.

Then, we reported on the improving medical condition of former Mayor Ed Koch. The 88-year-old statesman was hospitalized at New York Presbyterian/Columbia for reportedly having swollen ankles and liquid inside of his lungs. With positive signs, he was released this past weekend. Unfortunately, his time out of the hospital didn’t last too long.

Yesterday, Koch was re-entered into New York Presbyterian/Columbia’s intensive care unit for his lungs yet again as well as an iron deficiency. His spokesman told reporters, “Dr. Joseph Tenenbaum, Mayor Koch’s cardiologist and lead doctor, said he wanted to monitor the former mayor more closely.” How long he’ll have to stay there is still unknown.

Unfortunately, as we mentioned once before, Koch has had a recent rough streak of medical problems: in September, he was hospitalized with anemia and, in December, he faced a bout of respiratory infection. This will be his fourth hospital visit in less than a year.

UPDATE: From the Times: “Mr. Koch’s spokesman, George Arzt, said the former mayor died at 2 a.m. from congestive heart failure.”