Watch The Wendy’s Drive-Thru Rap That Went Viral


Aspiring rapper Mr. B, a.k.a. Belmont University freshman Blake Mankin, became the king of fast-food viral videos when this Wendy’s drive-thru-inspired rap was featured on the Today Show‘s “What’s Trending Today” segment. Mr. B heads to Wendy’s with some pals to order burgers — “I want everything on it, except no lettuce!” — four Sprites, and some Vanilla shakes. Things get crazy are completely normal and the young rapper and his friends get super drunk and throw up all the food eat their grub on the side of the street.

No telling if this is Mr. B’s big break, but his Facebook says he’s a hip-hop artist and entrepreneur. He’s also recording an album called “What the Funk?”

We wish him all the best and just hope his aspirations don’t lead to a fast-food video of this nature. On second thought, we hope they do.