Reinventing the Pocket Flask: Boozie Bear


Everyone will think you’re pulling out a bottle of honey.

As booze becomes more expensive in restaurants and clubs — or for people who can’t do without, wherever they happen to be — there has always been the pocket flask, a slender, silvery vessels that easily slides in and out of your purse or sport coat pocket. But using one has always carried a stigma: You tend to look like you’ve just stepped out of a film noir movie, or maybe like you’re a hopeless alcoholic who can’t deal with any real-life situation, no matter how trivial.

Well, now there’s a commercial product that takes care of both of those problems at once. This happy-go-lucky bear comes in a variety of colors and looks nothing like a pocket flask. It holds 12 ounces — the equivalent of 12 to 18 mixed drinks — and is guaranteed dishwasher safe. It also promises not to dissolve in alcohol.

The thing can be found on the web for $9.95 to $12.99. How is it different from a honey bear you might empty and then reuse for the same purpose? Beats us. But honey bears usually come without color, and with Boozie Bear you have a choice.

And as for removing the stigma of heavy drinking (Is there such a thing nowadays?), no one will believe there’s booze in there when you take a swig.

Conventional pocket flasks have zero bear-appeal.