Burger King Says No To Horsemeat; McDonald’s Says Yes To Sustainable Fish


It’s been quite a week for fast food companies around the world. After finding traces of horse and pig DNA in meat last week, British grocery chain Tesco recalled all its meat products made from a questionable producers. Now, Burger King has dropped Silvercrest Foods, one of its main meat suppliers in the U.K. and Ireland, for selling meat of the same kind. The restaurant chain issued a statement that there was “no evidence to suggest any of the product supplied to Burger King was affected” but the AP reported Silvercrest shut down its production line and recalled 10 million burgers from supermarkets in Britain and Ireland.

McDonald’s too is concerned with what they’re selling these days. According to the Chicago Tribune, McDonald’s will now only sell “sustainable fish” in their Filet-o-Fish and fish McBites, which will launch in February. From now on, representatives say the Golden Arches will only sell sustainable wild-caught Alaskan pollock. This comes just days after the Australian branch of the chain announced a new app to track where your McD’s ingredients come from. Could concern for sourcing and sustainability be the future of fast food?