After Lung Ailment, Koch May Leave Hospital Tomorrow Or Thursday


Here’s a bit of good news for the “How’m I’m doing?” Mayor.

On Saturday night, former New York City chieftain Ed Koch, 88, was hospitalized at New York Presbyterian/Columbia for feeling lethargic due to swollen ankles and doctors’ reports that said his lungs were filled with liquid. After three days of treatment and signs that his conditions are improving, word has gotten out that he might leave the hospital either tomorrow or Thursday.

Unfortunately, Koch has had a recent rough streak of medical problems: in September, he was hospitalized with anemia and, in December, he faced a bout of respiratory infection. This will be his third hospital visit in less than a year.

But, in this case, it was reported that he watched the inauguration yesterday with “play by play commentary.” So things are looking up for the man that ran New York for a decade.

We hope for the best to Mr. Koch.