Watch Kathy Griffin Try to Kiss Anderson Cooper’s ‘Sardine’ on NYE


On Monday night, Kathy Griffin rang in the New Year with Anderson Cooper in a CNN special from Times Square. While the affable Cooper explained the drinking game fans created in his honor, Griffin got rowdy and told Cooper she wanted to “kiss his sardine.”

Um, ok…

The two cut live to a reporter in East Port, Maine, where an annual “Sardine Drop” signifies the celebration. Locals peck an oversized version of their town mascot, a sardine, as a way to wish for a good future.

The rowdy comic thought the idea of smooching a fish was so funny that she attempted to — ahem — perform a sexual act mocking the term on Cooper. “You know you want me to,” Griffin said as she dropped to her knees on camera.

Cooper’s response? “No, I really don’t.”