Queens La Chifa’s Wild & Wacky Sino-South American Menu


Wantan Frito — Served with a tamarind ketchup, these fried wontons are gigantic, and each enfolds a nugget of gnarly pork. This cluster looks like a prehistoric armor-plated fish.

When Chinese food hit Peru in the late 19th century, it transformed itself to conform to popular tastes, creating an original cuisine that combined Cantonese and South American elements. This week, Counter Culture sails into Queens’s latest chifa — called, directly enough, Chifa. Here are six of the best dishes the restaurant has to offer.

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Aeropuerto — Invented at a Chinese restaurant near the Lima airport a long time ago, this dish combines chicken fried rice with fried rice noodles for a textural tour-de-force.

Ceviche Mixto — This Peruvian mainstay features octopus, squid, and Corvino marinated in lime juice, with the unexpected accompaniers of steamed sweet potato and corn nuts.

Tallarin Saltado “Sam Si” — The most popular chifa dish is this smothering of noodles something like ramen with shrimp, chicken, pork, duck and mixed vegetables.

Lomo Saltado — Peru’s answer to poutine, or maybe Jersey disco fries, is a gravy-drenched toss of french fries and beef or chicken served with rice for an extra carbo-punch. What could be better?

Nabo Encurtido — These cool-on-the-tongue daikon pickles are refreshing when eaten as a complement to other chifa dishes. They also show the Japanese influence on contemporary chifa fare.

A new culinary presence on Northern Boulevard in Jackson Heights