Still Full From All That Turkey? Detox at The Butcher’s Daughter


So, even after you really went for it on the turkey, stuffing and buttery mashed potatoes, you still decided to finish things off with 2 slices of pie? It’s time for digestion crisis management at vegetarian restaurant and juice bar, The Butcher’s Daughter, now open in Nolita.

Perhaps Heather Tierney, the cocktail goddess behind Apotheke and Pulqueria, created this gem in an effort to combat the occupational hazards that come with owning popular late night spots. Or maybe she just wanted a place where she could find some decent “vegetable charcuterie.” Either way, the fresh, light fare will help anyone recovering from a holiday binge. Take a seat at the windowed countertop and watch the locals trot by. Or better yet, take that juice to go and get some (probably much needed) exercise.