Letterman Skewers Fieri on Late Show


The subject of the top ten countdown on the Letterman show this evening was “Discontinued Guy Fieri Menu Items” at Fieri’s Times Square restaurant, which was the subject of a zero-star “poor” New York Times review today that caused a sensation.

First, Dave read a couple of descriptions taken straight from Pete Wells’ review — which Paul Shaffer and Letterman quipped about, saying things like “Sounds pretty good to me.” — then made mild fun of the Times as a newspaper. Finally, Letterman launched into the top ten list of dishes rejected from the menu of Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar:


10. Inappropriately rubbed brisket

9. Sampler of entrees sent back to the kitchen

8. Pushed pork

7. Guy’s famous grilled shirt sleeve

6. Jumbo shrimp, tattooed and pierced

5. Teriyak glazed napkin

4. Seared halibut with intestinal parasite reduction

3. Crust-crusted crust

2. Suspiciously damp toast

1. Duck a l’Ahmadinejad


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