Streisand at the Hollywood Bowl: A Report


A friend sent me this positive review of Barbra Streisand‘s concert on Friday:

“It was a good show. Her son’s singing was very nice. And her sister did a duet with her toward the end.

“I got a great seat from a scalper for 50 bucks 45 minutes into the show, and I was happy. The printed program was another 40 dollars. Can you imagine?

“At least they have good acoustics at the Hollywood Bowl. I was delightfully entertained by wonderful musicians. Her voice cracked occasionally and sounded slightly tired, but she interpreted every word and put real effort into each note.

“Her last notes to some of the songs were magnificent. I really felt that she had just warmed up by the time we left, and had it not been freezing outside, I would’ve liked for her to have taken a few requests.

“She sang ‘Enough is Enough’ in Act One and a medley from Gypsy that was so intense, it was absolutely frightening by the time she stormed off of the stage.

“She also sang from Bernstein’s Candide. She sang Irving Berlin’s ‘What I’ll Do?’ in a medley with Rodgers and Hart’s ‘My Funny Valentine’. It was lovely, but Martha Raye broke my heart over that one in Laguna Beach many years ago. Nobody could ever do it better. But Barbra’s was awfully good.

P.S. It was a chilly night in November at the Bowl, with cold winds sweeping over us. Barbra was in a fur jacket at one point. It looked like seal skin and she wore sparkly blue pants underneath and draperies in Act Two.

“After intermission, she worked her black shawl over a red satin gown. She needed it. It was cold. Even Jason remarked, ‘Wow, it’s really outdoors, isn’t it?’ He looked like Elliott when he was young.

“His singing of ‘Nature Boy’ was so pretty. She’s leaving him behind like Judy left Liza, only he’s better.”