Watch a Sneak Peak of Mind of a Chef with David Chang and Aziz Ansari


In case David Chang wasn’t busy enough already with a restaurant empire to run and benefits to organize, he’s also hosting Mind of a Chef on PBS. The show, which premiers tonight, explores the inner and ever-workings of Chang’s head, while bringing some of his well-known, food-inclined friends along for the ride.

In the latest clip, Chang welcomes comedian and former travel buddy Aziz Ansari and Canadian chefs, Joe McMillan and Frederic Morin of Joe Beef, to Wilensky’s in Montreal. The four sample the famously greasy fried bologna sandwich and discuss the “genius” of no substitution policies. Along the way, another restaurant diner asks Ansari, “Are you Sugar Sammy, eh?” Ansari gamely replies that he’s a “different Indian comedian” before asking Chang if he’s ever mistaken for Morimoto. [YouTube via HuffPo]