When Will the L Train Return From Its No-Longer-Watery Grave? [UPDATED] NOW!


UPDATE: We in there.

Yesterday, the MTA released that video on YouTube of Operation Save the L Train. The status of the subway’s recovery is hopeful; as you can see, the tracks are bone dry, and MTA workers seem to be working around the clock to get the 14th Street-Brooklyn crosstown line up and running again. This video also helps to explain why every single night for the past four or five days, there is an army of engineers excavating the Bedford Avenue stop right near my apartment. It’s like a Ladder 49 version of inter-borough mass transit.

But with the G train now back on track (PUN!), the question still lingers: When will we be reunited with the most crowded line in New York?

As of now, the MTA has provided no definitive date. And every blog story that has come out about the legendary L has skirted around the fact that nobody has any idea when it will return. Yes, we can hear the resounding “Ughs” from here about that information, and, yes, we know the J, M, Z alternative is like comparing apples and oranges.

But one must keep in mind that the L train had the worst flooding out of any East River tunnel — this makes sense, given that the highest swells from the storm hit the shores of Alphabet City, right where the L snakes under. So seeing the dryness in this video is a sight we should all welcome.

Luckily, the MTA has made it clear that this pesky nor’easter ain’t stoppin’ nothin’:


For the time being, you can check out all the subways that are running here. You’ll notice that the L train is still not shaded. One day, it will be. We don’t know when but either us or these guys will be the first to tell you.