LeChurro Opens on the Upper East Side


LeChurro, a stand-alone shop specializing in those deliriously good, traditionally Spanish sticks of fried dough, opens for business on the Upper East Side.

You didn’t think people were still talking about cupcakes, did you?

The store will serve the snack in four different variations — churro cones, mini-churros, chocolate-dipped, and stuffed churros — and round out the offerings with Spanish hot chocolate and coffee from La Colombe. Customers can pull up a chair in the shop (which seats 10 — or maybe a few more during an after-school rush) and check out the playful, hand-sketched drawings created by young Spanish artists that cover a single wall.

LeChurro’s owner, Elena Madariaga, was inspired to open the shop following a trip home to Spain. “I may as well make churros in New York,” she decided.

As if we ever needed a reason to eat warm, fried dough.